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Our Team

With people at the core of everything we do, CEO live by their company values. It is their identity, their voice, their culture.

CEO Event Management is spearheaded by Charlotte Oliver who oversees a dedicated team of eleven full-time staff members and collaborating with an additional ten exclusive contractors. exclusive contractors.

CEO Charlotte Oliver

Charlotte Oliver

Managing Director

CEO Lucy Oliver

Lucy Oliver


CEO Kelly Burt

Kelly Burt

Senior Project Manager

CEO Yasmin Hadi

Yasmin Hadi

Project Manager

CEO Casey Lee Eaton

Casey Eaton

Event Support

CEO Jodie Lake

Jodie Lake

Recruitment & Project Associate

CEO Caitlin Aldendorf

Caitlin Aldendorf

Project Assistant

CEO Leanne McDowell

Leanne McDowell

Client Account Manager

CEO Nadine Rushdy

Nadine Rushdy

Project Manager

CEO Elma Vergara

Elma Vergara

Accountant & Office Manager

CEO Prathvi Shiroor

Prathvi Shiroor


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